When Science And Life Collide

I came home from choir rehearsal last night to find the P-Dawg beside himself with glee.

WE ARE NOT CHIMPANZEES!!!!” he announced as I knuckle-walked through the door.

I immediately put down my banana, stood upright, and joined him in the family room, where P-Dawg breathlessly informed me of the discovery of Ardipithecus Ramdus or “Ardi”, the fossil that has usurped Lucy’s claim to fame as mother of humankind. It’s the sort of news that has many scientists drooling over their pocket protectors, and the P-Dawg even more so because one of the members of the research team that discovered Ardi just happens to be a former professor of his.

I immediately went online and read all about this long lost biped cousin. It turns out she stood about five feet tall, weighed 110 pounds, and was in desperate need of a properly fitting bra.

In other words, she’s me, only furrier.

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