The First Rule of Hiking is “Stay on the Trail”

“Stay on the trail, kids! The first rule of hiking is ‘Stay on the Trail’.”

“You’ll know it because it’s been cleared of brush.”

“Isn’t it beautiful here, guys? Just imagine! This is what Ohio looked like when only the Native Americans lived here.”

“Wait up.”


“Look at that tree.”

“Watch out for poison ivy.”

“Stop waving those sticks around. It’s always funny until someone loses an eye.”

“JONAS, GET AWAY FROM THAT LEDGE! Do you want to fall and crack your head open?”

“Wait up.”

“Wait up.”

“Wait up!”

“Don’t touch that. It could be poison ivy.”

“Let’s stop here for a rest and to look at the beauty of nature.”

“Seriously, guys, what did I tell you about those sticks?”

“No, no snacks.”

“Because we just ate breakfast. Besides, it’s not like we’re climbing Mount Everest.”

“Wait up.”

“You think the Native Americans had juice boxes and granola bars? If a Native American got hungry, he would just go down to the lake and scoop out a fish with his bare hands.”


“Because we’re not Native Americans.”

“Are you kidding me? We’ve only been out here for like twenty minutes.”

“JONAS STAY AWAY FROM THE LEDGE. What do I have to do, get you a collar?”

“Look at those huge boulders, kids. That right there is what the Native American kids called a ‘playground’.”

“Don’t climb on that.”

“Wait up.”

“Leaves of three, let them be.”

“No, I don’t actually know what poison ivy looks like. Ask Daddy to Google it on his phone.”

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9 thoughts on “The First Rule of Hiking is “Stay on the Trail”

  1. Jen Schiavone

    I love it! Looks like you had a great hike. It makes me want to go there! Rob went to Salt Fork a lot as a kid with his extended family, so maybe we can restart the tradition. You’re such a good mom getting your kids out in nature, and taking them fishing! And you’re so strong to hold up that rock :)

  2. alejna

    I loved this. You are so funny. (Also, come to my house and I will show you poison ivy. I have unfortunately become all too well acquainted with it.)

  3. Marta

    Lol I loved it. And completely 100% accurate. You forgot to mention sunscreen though. There’s a lot of “wait up I need to put sunscreen on you” “hold still while I put this on” =)

  4. Alisson Evans

    I love hiking. Wow, you and your family have a good hiking adventure. Hiking is really a great time to indulge together with your children. In fact, last year with did hiking near in our town and it was fun.

  5. Heather Chester

    My family and I went to hiking last month and we had a great time on the hike. I saw smile on the face of my kids when they saw beautiful and amazing views going to our destination on the peak.

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