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Linocut Bird Mobiles

I think birds are great to look at from a distance of six feet or more, but they are disease-riddled creatures and it’s a little unnerving to have one stare at you.

However, birds make excellent artistic subjects, what with their colorful plumage and beady little eyes. Earlier this month I became obsessed with creating home decorations from a folk-style bird linocut I made. My first creation was this fireplace garland, made of white on black bird prints attached to chipboard and strung together with fishing wire.

black and white bird garland circle

After making the garland, I realized I could not rest until I attempted to make a bird mobile out of the print, as well. I thought about this bird mobile 24/7, marveling at all the color possibilities and brainstorming a good way to construct it. I had never made a mobile of any kind before, so it was a personal challenge to pair art with utility.

The first mobile I made was not so great. I fashioned the skeleton out of wire coat hangers, which were 1) wire coat hangers and 2) too short to properly display the birds. The mobile wasn’t bad, but I knew it could be better. I tried to get my husband to admit my mobile was kind of dumb looking, but he was way too much of a gentleman to take the bait.

I took that mobile apart and made Valentine lovebird ornaments out of it.

red birds on tree

The subsequent mobiles were much better. When I made my fourth mobile and asked my husband what he thought of it, he said, “It’s waaay better than that first one.”

This is what’s called, in marriage, “a trap.”

hot pink bird mobile full

(The items pictured here are available for purchase from my Etsy store.)

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