Guilty as a Hedgehog

The hedgehog is an animal that looks really cute in pictures, but from which I would probably run screaming in real life. When the Twin Brothers and I were little, our mother used to read to us from Lithuanian picture books, and hedgehogs always featured prominently. There was one story in particular, about a pair of hedgehogs who accidentally burn down their forest, which the Twin Brothers simply could not get enough of.

It was an early indicator of their future as pyromaniacs. I thought it was the most petrifying story I’d ever heard in my life and couldn’t stand to hear it. It was an early indicator of my intense fear of fire and likely the reason why I did not know how to strike a match when it was my turn to light the Advent wreath during freshman year religion class.

Lately I’ve been drawing hedgehogs as a way to work through my issues with fire.

Ha, that’s not really true. I just like drawing hedgehogs and making rubber stamps.

Doesn’t he just look guilty? Like he recently started a forest fire?

Actually, the squirrel looks like he’s up to something, too. Or maybe he’s afraid of the hedgehog.

Does anyone remember the name of the hedgehog forest fire story and if so, where I could get a copy? I have a feeling my son would love it.

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6 thoughts on “Guilty as a Hedgehog

    1. brother j

      Ha! as negalejau atsiminti vardo irgi. bet jonui gal patiktu “zuikis rukoris” (another favorite)

      “puku puku du eziukai uzsikure sau namuka” HA HA AHAHA :)

  1. Amelia Sauter

    You do fabulous sketches! I had no idea you could draw. (My lack of knowledge of your skills may be acceptable since we’ve only met once, but if in fact you have been posting drawings in your blogs previously and I didn’t know they were yours, sorry about that. I’ll pay better attention in the future.) Your hedgehog ROCKS.

  2. Kat

    You have issues. ;) Totally kidding!
    My mom used to read us this story of the girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead. It talked about one little girl who was good and kind and listened and was well behaved, and then another little girl who was wretched and whiny and sassy. In the end you find out that both of the girls are the same girl. I suppose it was to tell us that we all behave good and bad and that we should try to choose good behavior, but it scared the hell out of me. I thought, “my gawd! that child is psychotic!” To me it just sounded like the little girl was crazy. HA!

    Love your drawings!

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