Don’t Let This Post Deter You from Trying My Delicious Recipes

The minute I heard the key turn in the door, I abandoned my laptop at its perch on the kitchen counter and scurried over to the sink.

When the P-Dawg walked in, I was busy scrubbing a potato.

“Hello, darling, how was your day?” I greeted him.

“Are you talking to me?” he said.

My husband took his coat off and draped it across a chair. (Why, Lord? Why?)

Then he made his way over to the computer.

“Wait a second!” I panicked. “Don’t look at that browser window I have open, Okay?”

“Why not?” the P-Dawg’s interest was immediately piqued. “What are you trying to hide from me?”

Alas, it was already too late.

He had seen my Google search of shame:*


*(In my defense, I was pretty sure I already knew the answer.)

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Let This Post Deter You from Trying My Delicious Recipes


    Ha ha Rima, You’re Lithuanian it’s should be in your blood ;)
    I’m assuming you are looking for new potatoe recipes

  2. Becca

    I google “how to poach chicken” a couple times a month. I think my browser is going to start saying “Put some chicken and water in a pan and cook it, Dumbass!”

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