Décolleté is Fun to Say

Mama and I were discussing First Communion dresses. I felt that some of the specimens I had seen on the racks when searching for the V-meister’s dress were a little inappropriate.

“For example, spaghetti straps. Can you imagine?” I complained to Mama, who agreed that the world was indeed going to hell in a handbasket as evidenced by the latest First Communion fashions.

“And it was slim pickins’ just to find something with a cap sleeve,” I lamented. “I had to buy the V-meister a bolero jacket for the sake of human decency.”

“Times are changing,” Mama agreed. Then, sensing an opportunity to segue into a topic that has evidently been consuming her, she asked me what I myself would be wearing to the V-meister’s First Communion.

“And what about you?” Mama said. “Will you be bringing your décolleté tomorrow?”

“My what?”

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

“Do you know what a décolleté is?” Mama asked, using the French pronunciation.

“Well, yeah.” But what was Mama implying?

“It’s lovely, of course. It’s just that, don’t you think, especially in church, a low neckline can be a little distracting?”

I have never been distracted by my décolleté. In fact, I was only half aware I had one. Still, I assured Mama that I would be wearing nothing short of a turtleneck and hung up in a hurry.

Now I am paranoid. Every morning when I get dressed, I look down to see what’s the what. Most days everything seems to be tucked away neatly, but you never know how your décolleté is going to act in a given situation. I have had to take certain measures, such as walking around with my arms crossed and standing no less than five feet away from a person when we are talking. Also, I no longer permit myself to lean over.

Tomorrow, I am going to Nordstrom to get fitted for a Shakespearean collar.


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15 thoughts on “Décolleté is Fun to Say

  1. dalia

    hey rima-my nephew aistis (my brother is algis miskinis) was in the same class as your daughter for 1st communion-and i heard her sing in church-she did great-sorry i didn’t get a chance to meet you!

  2. Marta

    I am always very concerned about my decollete especially at work. However I have a personal aversion to turtlenecks, so it’s quite challenging. Perhaps I too should look into this Shakespearean collar. =)

  3. Becca

    Ha! I am often guilty of showing a little too much decollete, but for a First Communion I bet I could cover up a little more.

  4. amy

    This was very fun but last time I saw you, your decollete was not “out there”. If you are still looking for a communion dress check out crewcuts. They had some cute white dresses on line.

    1. Kate Brown

      When I was attending my first communion, I asked my mom what I am going to wear. My mom prepared everything and I just follow whatever she want to wear for me.

  5. Kat

    HAHAHA!!! I never really thought much about it either since I don’t have much to hide. ;) Still, First Communion is a speical day. I had a nice dress I wore, but I also wore a bolero just to cover myself a bit more. Part of me misses the days when the women all covered their heads in church. Is that weird? ;)
    Spagetti straps for 2nd graders??? Good grief? What next? Still, I can never stop myself from bawling when I watch the littles walk down the aisle for their first communion. They look like mini brides and grooms and it get me thinking, “before I know it…”
    Sniff, sniff.
    Good luck! ;)

  6. Mark H. Stein

    I hope you can update your blog and for sure, we will be happy to read it. Thanks that you shared.I love this link up; it’s always so much fun, so thanks for hosting!

  7. Amelia Sauter

    Ah, this brings back memories. My mother bought me a spaghetti strap dress in 8th grade for my Confirmation, and Sister Eugene made me wear a jacket over it. I didn’t have any boobs then, and I don’t now either!

  8. Andrea Smith

    Well, if you ask me just be yourself and get it done with. Whether you expose your decollete or not doesn’t really matter if you ask me… life is too short for living life on a sideline

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