Hi, I’m Rima, and this blog is where I document my creative pursuits. I am interested in all things unique and beautiful, but am particularly fond of textile art and printmaking.  As the daughter of immigrants, I grew up surrounded by Lithuanian culture. I was raised on stories of magic looms, amber castles, nine-headed dragons and forest folk, and these influences often show up in my art.

I live in Cleveland with my husband and kids.

Thanks you for stopping by! Please feel free to leave comments, which always brighten my day!

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. amy2boys

    Wonderful! I love your kids (real) names. Whenever you talk of Lithuanian school I think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, when they had to go to Greek school and then – of course – she sends her daughter too!

    Love the new site.

  2. Egle Liutkus

    Labas, Rima! As ir stovyklavau Dainavoje!
    As perskaiciau tavo straipsni apie LT suri…su Ruta (mano “sena” drauge…tavo “nauja” drauge)…ir labai noreciau ir pabandyti pati padaryti!!!

  3. MomZombie

    You had me at Lithuanian. I suppose I am one-quarter Lithuanian if I think about it, although I never think of myself that way or identify with the culture. My maternal grandfather was 100 percent Lithuanian; his parents fled to Canada in the early 1900s. He was born in Montreal but moved around frequently between Michigan and Ohio. Until he was too old to do so, he made annual treks to Montreal to spend time with his Canadian-Lithuanian family. In his final years at the nursing home, he’d often forget where he was and begin talking in Lithuanian. I’m glad I stumbled onto your site via The Smartly. I like your style.


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